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    From Elon James White Tuesday night.

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  2. I didn’t forget anything actually. That Hamas broke the ceasefire is not fact but an Israeli claim, one that Hamas disputes. There is no reason to take the Jewish apartheid state at its word. 

    There is simply no evidence that Hamas puts Palestinians where its weapons are, not in this massacre nor in any of the previous ones that Israel has committed against Gaza. But even if there were such evidence, under international law a party cannot claim that the actions of its opponent absolve it of responsibility for any harm to civilians its actions cause. I previously discussed this here and provided links that confirm my claims.

    Israel is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, independently of any Hamas policy or behavior. That you and others like persist in apologizing for these crimes demonstrates what a disease of the mind zionism is. It has warped your morality and destroyed your humanity. I hope one day that you and others who think like you grow a conscience and feel shame over your callousness and racism.

  3. PFLP salutes the Black struggle in the US: The empire will fall from within


    In light of the police murder of the martyr Michael Brown and the ongoing struggle in Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salutes and stands firmly with the ongoing struggle of Black people and all oppressed communities in the United States.

    Comrade Khaled Barakat said in an interview with the PFLP media outlets that “Police brutality, oppression and murder against Black people in the U.S., and against Latinos, Arabs and Muslims, people of color and poor people, has never been merely ‘mistakes’ or ‘violations of individual rights’ but rather are part and parcel of an integral and systematic racism that reflects the nature of the political system in the U.S.”

    “Every time a crime is committed against Black people, it is explained away as an ‘isolated incident’ but when you see the massive number of ‘isolated incidents’ the reality cannot be hidden – this is an ongoing policy that remains virulently racist and oppressive. The U.S. empire was built on the backs of Black slavery and the genocide of Black people – and upon settler colonialism and the genocide of indigenous people,” said Barakat. “The people of Ferguson are resisting, in a long tradition of Black resistance, and we support their legitimate resistance to racist oppression.”

    “As people in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab World see the brutality of the United States outside its borders, these communities confront its racist and colonial oppression within the borders of the U.S. The two are inextricably linked,” said Barakat. “We also see U.S. exploitation and plunder of people’s resources around the world. And inside the United States, Africans, Latinos, Filipinos, Afghans, Arabs who have suffered war and imperialism at the hands of the United States outside its borders are the same communities who face criminalization, brutality, exploitation, isolation and killings and murder at the hands of the state. We see the targeting of migrants and refugees inside the U.S. after their countries have been ravaged by imperialism, war and exploitation by the same ruling forces.”

    Barakat noted that “Mass imprisonment and incarceration has been a central tool of racist control in the United States. One out of every three Black men in the U.S. will be imprisoned; every 28 hours a Black person is killed by the state or someone protected by the state. Palestinians know well the use of mass imprisonment to maintain racist domination and oppression and breaking the racist structures of imprisonment is critical to our liberation movement. We salute Mumia Abu-Jamal and all of the political prisoners of the Black liberation movement in U.S. jails and call for their immediate freedom.”

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yooooo! thats the girl who brought the milk! Look!


    yooooo! thats the girl who brought the milk! Look!

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    No words. She was also with Talib who was told by police to keep his hands up or they’ll blow his brains out. And some resident protestors are exhausted with everything and saying that street medics told them they’re experiencing a subcategory of PTSD.



    I’m weary.

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  6. You’re all praying for Drake, but who’s praying for nov—-18th

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    i want this to play whenever i walk into a room

    the rhythm at the beginning of this song is Morse code for “DIE” (-.. .. .)and I don’t know if that’s intentional or not but it’s cool

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  9. Man Dies After Bloody, 10-Minute Beating From LAPD Officers



    The LAPD beat a Omar Abrego for 10 minute, he dies 12 hours later of his injuries.

    but don’t forget that the cops were also “injured”:

    "One police suffers of a knee injury while the other has a fractured hand" that he used to punch Abrego.

    This has got to stop. 

    im still in rage over this

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    FYI Israel has resumed bombing Gaza and has already injured 2 children.

    The total Palestinian casualties caused by Israel today were 3 dead — including a 3 year old girl — and 40 injured. Many of these casualties were from the al-Dalou family, whose home in the Sheikh Radwan area was targeted in an airstrike. In Israel’s previous massacre in Gaza in November 2012, Israel killed 12 members of this same family in another airstrike. 

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