1. if you’re going to make ill-informed, broad-brush statements about the “culture in islamic states" and then proceed to whine about being called a racist, you are not a feminist. you are not a radical.

    you are a reactionary.

    a reactionary in service of this rotting, stinking empire that has killed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of brown women and men and maimed thousands more in its decades of war.

    your speculation about how how it’s possible that a “foreign terrorist” (what you mean here is brown muslim, regardless of whether he is an american or not) is behind the boston bombing is not brave. it’s not original. and it sure as hell has nothing to do with feminism, or concern for women in any way, shape, or form.

    it’s just plain, old-fashioned, racist bullshit.

    and for the record, this kind of racist speculation resulted in one saudi man, himself an injured victim of the bombing, having his home ransacked by the police and his name libeled in murdoch’s rags.

    this is what your logic leads to.

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